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About the Company
Once Upon A Time... There was a young woman who was carrying her seventh child and home schooled her other children, the oldest being 11. She went to a home school convention and saw the most incredible product; it was so amazing to her that she revisited the booth several times, dragging her friends and husband to see it. In the end she asked, Can I take this back to Idaho and sell enough that I can purchase what I want? And that is what she did.
What the woman didn't realize, was that this would be the beginning of a huge blessing in her life. She took the product home and started showing her friends. Many of them saw what she saw and wanted to share it with her. At the urging of her good husband, the woman decided she would start a business selling the product and offering the opportunity to others who, like her, could always use the extra income.
In the far away state of Nevada, another young woman went to visit her friend. Her friend had been to a party and had purchased an activity book. When the young woman saw the book she was struck with awe. What fun she and her children could have with such a book. As she and her friend started talking, another thought occurred to the young woman. She could sell this wonderful product and stay home with her children. She also knew that there were many other women who would love this same opportunity.
Back in Idaho, the first young woman was getting word about a Consultant in Nevada who was setting all kinds of sales records. They talked on the phone many times and decided that together they could make something wonderful for all women and children. Many times these women and the husbands would meet together and talk over the possibilities and plan for the next quarter. After a time, the business grew to a point where it was time to become a real business with a place of its own. Up to this time, the business operated from the two homes, one in Idaho and one in Nevada.
The decision to move together with both husbands and wives working the business was a miracle in itself. The young woman from Idaho and her family were one week away from breaking ground for their new home in Idaho, with the plans for a warehouse in the back so she could be close to her children. The young woman in Nevada had plans drawn for her new home and had tried to sell their home many times with no luck. When the families decided to move to Utah, both homes sold immediately. Looking for a place to house their families and business in Utah was a miracle as well. They were able to find an empty warehouse located right behind a new subdivision where they both could build their new homes and still be very close to the office. It was perfect with the same set up that the family in Idaho had dreamed and planned for.
The move took place in 1992. Since then, the women, along with their husbands, have worked together to bring the product to the world and the opportuity to women to supplement their income. Although both young women started with a love for the product, that love has expanded and grown for the women they serve. With each new person that joins The Story Teller, they feel renewed and blessed.
Editor's note: In the summer of 2003, Patti and her family left the company to pursue other challenges and we wish them well. Lori and family are continuing to promote and expand the company by providing quality learning products.
This article is reprinted with the kind permission of The Story Teller, Utah, USA.